Grand Central Terminal - THE NEXT 100

POSTED ON: 01.08.2013

WXY was one of three distinguished firms invited by the Municipal Arts Society to create a vision for the future of the public areas around the Grand Central Terminal and in the surrounding East Midtown district.

WXY’s proposal transforms Vanderbilt Avenue into a pedestrian street, creates new public spaces around the base of the MetLife building, adapts the west side of the current Park Avenue Viaduct into an elevated pedestrian walkway and bikeway with a glass floor and seasonal plantings, and introduces a new tower on the west side of Grand Central.

POSTED ON: 01.08.2013


Reworking the existing one lane car traffic to a two way street to the west of Grand Central.  This allows for a pedestrian walkway along the east branch of the viaduct with a bicycle path, planting zone, and glass paving. 

POSTED ON: 01.08.2013


With a building setback along 42nd street and pedestrian priorities on Vanderbilt Avenue, creating gracious new entrances which link to the multiple subway and train lines below, including the new East Side Access / LIRR lines..